Digitization with SCH

*”Son, could you please go to the railway station today and book the tickets?”*

I guess this conversation might have happened, probably 25 years back. Otherwise, today, I don’t think that Son will go to the railway station.

No, no .. let’s not doubt that millennial’s obedience! Its just that all he has to do is a few clicks on his mobile and job done!

We all are the consumers of online era and this is our typical B2C experience, probably unimaginable just 25 years back!

`As a society we are transforming .. digitally transforming! `

We browse online, order online, pay online, track shipment online, request support online .. that too from any device, whenever, wherever .. *online, quick and simple to use!*

But .. how about getting this B2C experience in B2B space ?

In an enterprise, ERP system enables the core integrated business processes inside an enterprise.

`Let’s call that as a core level of digitisation of an enterprise.`

How about connecting the last miles of B2B supply chain that is customers, suppliers?

Inspite of running the best of ERP solutions, many enterprise are not connected online with these critical last miles. Still mails, files, printouts, (and of course phone calls!) are used for B2B communication.

Trust us, B2B communication can be completely transformed with digitisation to unlock enormous business benefits.

Think of a solution for an enterprise which can digitally connect customers, suppliers, integrated with existing ERP.

A solution which can enable customers to browse through a digital catalog, place an inquiry online, accept quotation, O2C,  place an order online, track shipments, receive invoices, view accounts and more.

A solution which can enable buyers to conduct sourcing online, evaluate bids online, P2P, send order online, track shipment, receive goods, e-invoicing, supplier collaboration and more

A solution which uses best of the technologies, AI, ML, analytics to make business execution quick and easy.

A solution, like a digital hub around an ERP system which can digitally transform the sales, procurement processes of an enterprise to make whole business ecosystem *online, quick and simple to use!*

`Let’s call it the next level of digitisation .. beyond ERP, for ERP!`

`Welcome to Supply Chain Hub (SCH), B2B digitisation solution:`

“`Trusted by large enterprises for customer and supplier collaboration

Quantifiable RoI

Provides B2C UX for B2B

Capex friendly, Economical, Pay per use offering

Agile customisation to meet specific requirements

Leverages existing investment in ERP “`


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