Our Product Supply Chain Hub (SCH)

Our New Revolutionary Enterprise Product -  SCH ( Supply Chain Hub ) , from EIM Solutions, SCHinfoTech.com, is helping Companies streamline their business processes. It helps companies digitize the end-to-end business process integration with, and establish contactless paperless interactions with :-

  • Suppliers
  • Customers
  • Manufacturing ( Factory )
  • Maintenance

It connects an organization’s ERP systems, digital landscape and digital processes to the LAST MILE. SCH ( supply chain hub ) has 4 modules, that addresses the above 4 business functions, namely :-

  • SCH Supplier
  • SCH Customer
  • SCH Factory
  • SCH Maintenance

Our customers can subscribe to 1 or more of the above modules.

SCH Maintenance

Our customers can subscribe to 1 or more of the above modules.

SCH is a cloud based PWA Web Application that can run on its own, or integrate with Backend Systems like SAP ERP or any others systems, depending on customer preference. It can run on any cloud platform, even on-premise in customer’s data center.

It can run on any browser, any device, of any screen size ( mobile / tablet/ laptop/ desktop ). It can also be installed as a Native App on Windows or Mobile, from Browser, Google PlayStore or IOS AppStore.

It has a very attractive, user friendly and interesting UI Experience, which is very intuitive and easy to operate for any Non IT business user. Its screens are mobile responsive and behaves like any other Native App when it runs on mobile.
A company can subscribe to multiple SCH modules. After a user logs in, he/she can see those modules, which he/she has access to, as clickable UI cards as shown in the above image. He/ She can click one of those modules, to get inside it, and start executing it’s business processes…

SCH is being used by multiple companies, across the globe, like Coca Cola , Aditya Birla, Toyota Boshuku, L&T IDPL, Cavinkare, Mahindra CIE, Jindal Steel Works, Olam etc. They use SCH to connect with their suppliers, customers, factory and maintenance, and make their business processes efficient, profitable, contact less, paper less, and fast.
Many more customers are currently getting onboarded, as I am writing this blog.

With SCH a company integrates its business with Suppliers, Customers, Factory and Maintenance. SCH also easily integrates the business data from these Last Miles, with backend ERP systems, like SAP ECC, or any other Business Systems that the company might be using.

SCH Analytics and Dashboards provides all information at finger tips ,related to the mentioned business modules , that helps decision making fast and accurate.

SCH is built on latest & modern technology platform. Its has cutting-edge well-formed scalable architecture, that allows

  • Quick installation,
  • Configurable screens , process flows, and workflows
  • Easy Customization for adding New Screens, Processes and workflows
  • Robust Security,
  • Seamless Operation,
  • Easy scalability
  • Detailed Audit Trail
  • Device independence,
  • OS independence,
  • Hardware independence.
  • Cloud Platform independence

SCH has acquired and passed necessary Certifications like VAPT and SAP Certification.
Apart from the standard features it provides, additional custom screens & processes can to be easily built onto it by business users, without coding, using its Low code Engine, Rule Engine, Analytics Engine, AI , and BPM Workflow Engine.

Its state-of-the-art Roles and Authorization Engine ensures that, access to every Resource, Data , Menu , Screen objects are tightly controlled, authenticated, authorized and audited.

Its affordable price , customizable features , excellent lifetime support, low code engine are key unique selling points..

SCH - Business Modules ( supply chain hub )SCH Supplier - Business Functions.
keep watching this space and profile for more updates on our digital enterprise products….


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