SCH Solutions

SCH connects important business syndicates such as customer, supplier, bank, field service and manufacturing facilities, directly with the backend ERP system to digitally transform the business process execution.

SCH Solutions

What is SCH 

SCH is a SaaS based secure, open and enterprise class digital suite trusted by large enterprises to transform Supplier relation, Customer relation & Manufacturing execution, non-intrusively integrated with backend ERP! 

Why SCH 

ERP system provides the integrated application across business functions. However, the last miles of supply chain process are not connected. 

Be it supplier communication, customer communication or how manufacturing information is collected, there is a high amount of human dependency. This gap results in manual intervention, delayed information, mistakes and of course lots of mails, spreadsheets and calls! 

For business it means reduced productivity, reduced efficiency, higher cost and high turn-around time.

Trust us like many large enterprises have, SCH helps here!

With SCH, your company can digitally transform how procurement, sales, manufacturing execution processes are happening, non-intrusively! The API-Ready platform integrates with your ERP system by leveraging current IT investments. That’s Beyond ERP, for ERP.

SCH Supplier

Our Supplier Portal Solution is an enterprise application that enables a smarter and round the clock supplier interaction with an easy to use interface.

SCH Customer

The SCH Customer portal is a digital assistant for customer collaboration.Our ERP Customer portal solution is a more advanced and more secure solution for any business.

SCH Manufacturing

SCH Smart Manufacturing solution gives top management accurate and timely data on production quantity and efficiency, improves decision making, OEE and profitability.

SCH Bank

Our banking integration solution complements SAP FI by providing secure, host to host connectivity,multi channel connectivity with Banks.

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SCH :Building Responsive Supply Chain

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