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Automate Your Financial Systems with SCH Banking solution

Our solution uses SAP FI to offer a secure transaction process. This solution provides host to host, secure connectivity with banks to automate the routine data exchanges for accounts payable, accounts receivable and reconciliation.


  1. Single Solution for all the banking transactions such as accounts payable, accounts receivable and banking reconciliation
  2. End-to-end automated process
  3. Flexible and extendable for multiple banks
  4. Integrating one SAP customer with multiple banks
  5. Supporting banking institutions to promote SAP customers for B2C transformation
  6. Multi-currency and multi payment methods
  7. ISO Standards SEPA and SWIFT
  8. Flexible integration options ( FTP with encryption utility or VPN based web services)
  9. In-built analytics and dashboard for meta data and payment transactions
  10. Quick approvals and notifications
  11. Automatic and semi-automatic archival
  12. Customer can communicate with bank with support of SCH BANKING SOLUTION Project team
  13. Customer & bank support during Blue print / Realization / UAT and Go-live

SAP FI accounts payable is an automatic payment program (APP) that generates account payable automatically such as payment to a vendor based on the invoices. It helps buyer to figure out due or overdue invoices to avoid delay in payments and reap the benefits of lucrative discount.

How it works?

Accounts payable is basically the money that a business owes to its suppliers. So as SAP FI is automated, on the due dates standard payment files are generated. The files are then encrypted with pretty good privacy (PGP) to keep the data confidential. Next, the files are transferred to bank. The bank processes it and then transfers response file to SAP. The file is decrypted with PGP that is secure. At the end, buyers receive notifications on their dashboard and mail ID about the pending payables so as to clear all the invoices.

Features of Accounts Payable

  1. Supports International ISO standard format and flexible custom format
  2. Host-to-Host, secure connectivity with bank
  3. No additional middleware required
  4. Ability to track payable status in dashboard
  5. Auto clearing of open items
  6. Easily extendible to multi-currency / multi-bank set up
  7. Complete track of posting errors, logs, and file status

Accounts receivable is the money that a vendor/supplier owes to an entity to whom product is sold. This helps the organisations to not miss any cases of non-payment. However, manual accounts receivable process is cumbersome owing to the involvement of lot of paper work. To avoid such scenarios, we SCH have built-in accounts receivable feature in our solution that can help you track the sales ledger.

How it works?

Vendors or suppliers should first implement SCH Banking solution that is integrated with SAP FI and create a customer ID by providing all the important data. Our solution then securely encrypts those data via PGP and transfers to bank. The bank processes customers ID periodically or instantaneously and once customers make the payment to the bank, then the payment file is transferred to SAP that is decrypted with PGP. As soon as the payment is received, the vendors get notification through mail and intimation on their vendor dashboard. Lastly, the vendor approves the invoice posting that is recorded in SAP FI.

Features of Accounts Receivable

  1. Supports ISO 90022 PAIN & MT101 formats
  2. Host-to-Host, secure connectivity with bank
  3. No additional middleware required
  4. Receivable dashboard and approval process for incoming payment
  5. Auto posting after approval
  6. Easily extendible to multi-currency / multi-bank set up
  7. Complete track of posting errors, logs, file status

Cross-verification is important when it is about financial transactions. Out Solution is embedded with this feature. At any juncture, if a company wishes to tally the figures present on the accounting records of the organization to those present in the bank, it can be easily accomplished by using our efficient Bank Integrator Solution.

How it works?

Once you request banks to send the files, the bank transfers reconciliation file to SAP. The file is then securely decrypted with PGP. The file’s data is then automatically posted to SAP Bank Reconciliation module that will be displayed on the dashboard. This eases user’s task as tracking any errors become easy.

Features of Accounts Payable

  1. Support ISO MT940 formats
  2. Host-to-Host, secure connectivity with bank
  3. No additional middleware required
  4. Auto posting of data to SAP Bank
  5. Reconciliation module avoiding any manual loading
  6. Complete track of posting errors, logs, file status

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Successful Implementations

Three successful implementations for SAP customers with 5 different banks

One successful implementation for East African Banking Institute


  1. Complements SAP FI by providing Secure, host-to-host multi-channel connectivity with Banks
  2. Built-in Dashboard and Bank Cockpit for Finance team to apporve & auto-post bank data in SAP FI
  3. Designed specifically for SAP ERP
  4. No requirement of separate integration tool
  5. End to end data exchange tractability and monitoring
  6. Encrypted file transfer
  7. Supports PI/PO and SFTP Protocol
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