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SCH Supplier

It is a web-based vendor management solution that integrates seamlessly with SAP ECC System and
aids businesses to have real-time knowledge about their supply chain. The solution is designed to help organizations engage with their supply chain in real time by significantly improvising the operations and reducing working capital.

It acts as a ‘one-stop-shop’ for the entire supplier needs, where each supplier has a tailored view of specific data relevant to him. This controlled view provides easy access for suppliers while ensuring adequate data security. Using this solution, suppliers can easily access information such as open orders, account balances as well as submit information including drawings, advance shipping notifications, acknowledgements etc. These communications are sent directly to and from SAP system that allows quick interaction between buyers and suppliers/vendors. Our astute Portal provides only relevant information and role-based access to vendors.



  1. Lack of collaboration with my suppliers
  2. Unproductive time spent on follow-up & communication
  3. Ineffective response to change in market.
  4. Lack of visibility on material in transit
  5. Dealing with incorrect deliverables of the vendors
  6. Inability to agile plan, supply schedules


  1. Single window for communication to suppliers.
  2. Supplier on-boarding.
  3. RFQ Management in a single window.
  4. RFQ Responses & PO Management.
  5. Delivery Schedule visibility.
  6. Supplier Evaluation.
  7. Central Dataflow.
  8. Accelerated Communication.


  1. Connect suppliers and buyers for online execution of P2P process
  2. Integration with SAP and other systems
  3. Mobile ready UI
  4. In build BI engine
  5. Secure and scalable

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P2P Collaboration

Business Benefits

  1. Empowering suppliers to be self-sufficient
  2. Automating Vendor On-Boarding & Self-Registration
  3. Complete visibility of your approved suppliers
  4. Drive optimum value
  5. Enhanced vendor performance
  6. Manage supplier scorecards
  7. Return on Investment
  8. Complete Administration Control & Security
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