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Better outcome and higher profit margin is what every businesses demand now. Almost every segment including Industry 4.0 is rapidly implementing disruptive technologies to stay at the forefront of the race. Therefore, factories must implement solutions that can help them monitor their operations time-to-time to avoid any shortcoming.

With the increasing demand from consumers and fraudulent acts, the shop floor often encounters complexities in their operations. Hence real time monitoring of workplace, operations and workforce has become mandatory. There comes in our one-in-all SCH Smart Factory Solution that makes your business, industry, and factory operate SMARTLY.

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Disadvantages of Manual Processes

1. Downtime

Scheduled delivery of end-products is pivotal for any business. But, it is only possible if all the machines in the factory work in synchrony. If there is breakdown in any one of machines, the production gets affected, delaying the delivery of products and bringing downtime for the organization.

2. Unstructured Workload

Industries and workforce are at times over-burdened due to excessive orders. So invention of a supervisor becomes mandatory so as to streamline the workload to deliver the products on or before due dates. This prohibits supervisors to concentrate on the other important facts that could surge industry’s operations.

3.Poor Quality

Product quality is of profound importance to earn higher profit margins and more business in future. Situations like dis-functionality of machinery can however affect the quality of a product and bring down company’s reputation. Monitoring machines by an operation’s manager on a regular basis is important to preserve the quality of product; although multiple engagements can forbid an operation manager to be vigilant always.

4. Loopholes in Production cycle

Supervisors in an industry often face issues related to delay in production, poor quality raw materials and end-products that can be attributed to the lack of data. This may affect bottom line operations of a business and delay the entire production cycle.

An overview of SCH Smart Factory Solution

Managing the ever-increasing complexity that a shop floor faces of late in their day-to-day operations is challenging. It is time for the manufacturing industry to witness a complete turnover with our Smart Factory Solution. The solution has been designed to improvise your business operations by empowering you with bidirectional visibility, agility and control that you call for to operate seamlessly across all supply chain processes and sales channel.

Our Smart Factory solution acts as hub by integrating the shop floor equipment with the ERP system to render insights for an actionable intelligence and revamp your business operations. The production data from the factory is captured in real time and fed into the SAP system so as to offer factory insights in multiple levels to take any business decision. Then identifying the key issues in the production line, the solution helps users to reduce wastage, ensure accuracy and thereafter increase business productivity.

SCH Smart Factory Solution offers both online and offline applications to gain real-time operational awareness, flexible control and data-driven insights that enable smarter decisions for optimal process execution. Once you implement our SCH Smart Factory Solution, there are myriad benefits that will surely lure your workforce including real-time manufacturing intelligence and control, and pinpoint opportunities to boost efficiency and productivity to earn higher returns.

Features of Smart Factory Solution

Provides automated production order allocation to operator and production order confirmation to SAP.

Our solution tracks and captures the production data pertaining to any production order as it happens on the shop floor and updates the data to ERP. This provide insights through order status dashboard in the factory that helps supervisors and management level entities to track orders.

SCH Smart Solution enables to calculate the accurate cost of production using KPIs than cost apportionment. By capturing various metrics such as energy consumed, man hours and machine hours, the actual figures can be traced.

Captures various reasons for non-productive hours in real time and provides machine utilization and efficiency to unleash the factory hidden capacity.

Our solution is well-equipped to send notifications to supervisors so that they can track the production line being at remote location.

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Benefits of SCH Smart Factory Solutions

  1. Increases productivity
  2. Reduces inventory levels
  3. Speeds up the operations
  4. Ensures accuracy
  5. Improves customer relationship

How Smart Factory Solution Works

Our SCH Smart Factory Solution is consolidated and works in four simple steps shown below:

The machinery and equipment present on the shop floor is first connected through sensors, kiosks, mobile apps and scanning appliances. Then the solution captures production progress, cost incurrences, machine efficiency, work status etc.. The backend ERP systems are integrated with the machine to enhance business processes. Lastly, the data collected gets reflected on the dashboards and is compared with industry specific contents to figure out the pitfalls and reasons that might impact the production process.

Which Industries can Implement SCH Smart Factory Solutions

Our Smart Factory Solutions works in multiple scenarios by integrating any particular shop-floor with the backend ERP system. Some of the cases are as follows:

  1. Subcontracting (Vehicle Manufacturer)
  2. Complex Machining (Discrete Manufacturer)
  3. Mass Production (Automotive Part Manufacturer)
The vehicle manufacturing industry is today in the midst of transformation with disruptive technologies making its way into business operations. To support that we have bought in SCH Smart Factory Solution that can hugely benefit subcontractors. Our solution monitors every press tool with geo-fencing. In our Smart Factory Solution a sensor tag (iTag) is present, which is fixed on the press tool provided by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to subcontractors. The iTag then collects data from various press tools to keep a close look on productivity, usage, location and tool servicing. Moreover, the sensor also aids in ERP integration for production and maintenance processes. Given the underlying benefits there lies no doubt that SCH Smart Factory Solution offers abundant support to subcontractors.

Complex Machining

Owing to the growing demand from the consumers and underlying competition in the industry, Discrete Manufacturers are trying hard to excel their line of production. Our SCH Smart Factory Solution uses CNC (computer numerical control) machines to capture the real-time scenarios. Light sensors and energy meters are placed on the TMC (turn mill center) machines to capture production, utilization of data and interventions non-intrusively. This helps to measure critical machine efficiency for grain processing equipment manufacturing. The solution also enhances the usage of machine by reporting the idle time. Moreover, it also helps to compare against the benchmarks to improve the overall efficiency.

Mass Production

Monitoring large scale production is tedious and needs workforce round the clock to keep a check on the overall operations of an industry. Understanding their challenge and need for an automated solution that can keep a track of the operations without any error, we have designed SCH Smart Factory Solution. The solution has been implemented for apparel and automotive part manufacturers so far that has worked marvelously for our elite clients.

1. Apparel Manufacturer for Speeding up Deliver process

Monitoring large scale production is tedious and needs workforce round the clock to keep a check on the overall operations of an industry. Understanding their challenge and need for an automated solution that can keep a track of the operations without any error, we have designed SCH Smart Factory Solution. The solution has been implemented for apparel and automotive part manufacturers so far that has worked marvelously for our elite clients.

2. Measuring Critical Machine Performance in Hot Forging Factory

Machine failures due to excessive heat are very common and can also result in malfunctioning bringing down the production cycle. To bolster Automotive Part Manufacturers, we offer SCH Smart Factory Solution that has the feature to measure the critical machine performance.

Our solution is built-in with hot metal detector sensor that has a coolant (300 +°C). The metal detector constantly monitors machine’s productivity in hot forging factory to pinpoint the reasons for non-productivity. On the user’s dashboard all the details pertaining to the usage of machines and reasons behind the idle time is showcased. By knowing the factors that affect the production cycle, you can minimize the idle time as well as increase the usage of your machine.

3. Measuring Machine performance during Metal Blanking

Impediments such as wrinkles, material thinning, splits etc. have been a major drawback for Automotive Part Manufacturers so far that has higher wastage ratio. Thus monitoring the metal blanking process closely is mandatory so as to zero in the chances of wastage.

Using sensors and electricity consumption patterns, our Smart Factory Solution monitors the usage and the health of critical machines. The data that is collected from the machine is presented onto the user’s dashboard that will clearly nail the reasons for the idle time and machine utilization. By figuring out the reasons for idle time, our solution helps you to improvise critical machine productivity.

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