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Mpesa SAP integration for rent/mortgage payment


The mission of the National Social Security Fund is to provide basic social security services, and welfare support, to all workers in Kenya.

MPesa is a mobile money transfer service in Kenya, it’s one of the best online payment options. Anyone can send money in all over Kenya through MPesa NSSF availed the services of MPesa so that any tenant can make payment directly into their NSSF account through MPesa




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Business need

The Kenya population needed an inexpensive but reliable method of transferring money for rent/mortgage payments to NSSF from the luxury of their homes. NSSF contributions could only be paid through the traditional banking methods which was very cumbersome as people had to make a visit to the bank and manually do all the transactions for making their payment for rent or mortgages.

The initiation of digital mobile banking enabled the use of a mobile phone platform which allowed customers to repay loans on the go.


SCH Mpesa platform:

This platform is connected to the SAP server of NSSF and once the customer keys in his payment, the payments are updated into the NSSF account.

MPesa’s API (Application Programming Interface) Analytics Dashboard enabled NSSF to record payments and customer details from MPesa, analyse these information in infographic charts and graph that give them actionable insights into the customer payment patterns.

Incomplete payments can also be tracked, and alerts are sent to both NSSF and the customer on the incomplete transactions, asking for repeat payment to made.

This SCH platform enables NSSF to keep track of all its customer payments on rent and mortgages and generates receipts to the customers once the payment is successful.

Business Benefits

“Convenience and speed continue to be a key concern when making payments and this has continued to drive the demand for MPesa among the customers. The SCH Mpesa platform partnership with NSSF users enabled a new era for their Tenant Purchase Scheme customers empowering them to make payments from the comfort of their homes wherever they may be, and at any time”.


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