SAP Support at Albatha

Supports Albatha for ECC / IS Retail AMS/Enhancements/Rollouts/End User Training


Albatha consists of more than 25 autonomous companies specializing in sectors as diverse as automotive, healthcare, manufacturing, engineering, electronics, FMCG, food, real estate and education. Business process automation implemented in centralized ECC server and SAP IS-Retail.




Manufacturers of agricultural equipment, industrial machinery


Engineering systems and mechatronic solutions

Business Challenges

Albatha was running SAP ECC system IS-Retail and BW. All major modules from ECC system, IS Retail and BW/ BO, and Analytics were built up on ECC and IS Retail system
Albatha looked upto EIM Solutions for the following deliverables
SAP Systems Support, SAP HCM, SAP Business  Intelligence
Rollouts-Country rollout and Company Rollout for HCM and Logistics
UAE VAT implementation Support
Adhoc Requirements

Implementation Highlights

EIM Solutions worked with Albatha in supporting the ECC / IS Retail support activities, AMS/Enhancements /Rollouts and End User Training. Enhancement and support services for SAP HCM, BI and ABAP.

SAP Solution Scope

Scope of services

Business Benefits

Information could be accessed faster and the customer is benefited through assured and high quality support

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