SCH Solutions at Sutures India

EIM Solutions implemented the SCH Manufacturing Solution at Sutures India


Sutures India is one of the pioneer Brands of Healthium MedTech Pvt. Ltd.

The company began with manufacturing gut sutures, but today offers comprehensive range of surgical sutures across therapeutic areas such as obstetrics/gynaecology, gastroenterology, general surgery, orthopaedic surgery, cardiovascular surgery, neurosurgery, transplants etc. It also ensures to deliver top quality solutions to surgeons, physicians, and hospitals across 100 countries including countries such as the USA, France, UK, Poland, China.


Sutures India


Manufacturing gut sutures


Health Service

Business Challenges

Sutures (Healthium ) wanted greater visibility into manufacturing processes and production management twhich will help them in reducing the rework/rejections and would improve the traceability of the planned production orders. They wanted a solution to

Implementation Highlights

EIM Solutions implemented SCH Manufacturing in the shop floor for job card management & tracking.
The solution enabled

Business Benefits

The Smart Factory solution implemented by EIM Solutions has transformed the company’s shop floor processes. Besides monitoring machine health, the solution also enables real-time management of manufacturing processes for all the users. It has enabled obtaining real-time production counts and shows the progress against the order


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